Tuesday, December 07, 2010

First Snow of the Year

Snow Angels
Snow Women
made with the neighbor Junior

Pey told me when I was rolling the bottom ball, that I was taking all the snow, since she could see the grass.
Snow ball fight with Junior

This is about all the snow we get each year, so I had to let her go out and play since it is usually all melted the next morning.
Love the winters here!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Santa Came Early....

This is my new toy, oh and how do I love it so.

This is the Cricut Cake. I had heard about it while I was in Canada visiting family. It was $500 and at that time there was NO way I could afford this wonderful toy.
I came home, got busy with life, every once in a while it would cross my mind, but still knew I couldn't afford it.

Sunday we were flipping through channels, and there it was, on an informercial. There is was, showing me all the beautiful and wonderful things I could do, heck Scott was even watching. The commercial told me that I needed to call right then, to try this amazing machine. Which of course I didn't because Hello it was Sunday, and after looking up the price $400, I still could not afford it.

On Monday I searched the internet hoping to find it for less money, and hoping Santa would get the hint and bring it for Christmas. Well Santa wasn't reading my posts on Facebook on how much I was sure I needed this machine, poor Santa I am sure he was very busy working.

I decided to torture myself and call Michaels, just to ask their price. The nice lady told me $399, oh but wait... it is on sale for....$150 today.
Thanks to my fun money stash, I was able to let Santa off the hook and get it myself.

NOW Santa, Please, Please, pretty Please can I have some cartridges for christmas :)

My Neighbor and I didn't waste any time. We started playing with it right away to make Hello Kitty items for her daughters 4th birthday party on Saturday.

Cupcake toppers

Large Hello Kitty, Strawberries and Butterflies for the cake.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dinner Anyone....

Pey decided to create a restaurant this afternoon.

Preparing my meal
My egg salad sandwich

She was so cute, she took my order and even used "ma'am"
I think we have eaten out way to much for her to pick that up.

I love having a little girl who loves to be dressed up.
Another Zoo Trip
Pey had the day off school, so her and I headed to the zoo for the afternoon.

She has always wanted to ride the train at the zoo, so this was the day I finally gave in and we went on a train ride.
She loves to sit on the statues that are all around the zoo.
Sharing her cotton candy
"Take the pic quick mommy, the penguins stink."
Combing the goats

Pumpkin Patch
Pey's kindergarten class went to the pumpkin patch with their "olders".
Pey and her older in the hay maze
Pey side tracked with picking pumpkin flowers
Still looking for the perfect pumpkin
Pey and her older Bobby with their pumpkins

**Pey is in a special kindergarten class that has a program which has high school kids come into her classroom to work one on one with the kindergarten kids.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Peyton's First Day of School
and accessory
Peyton all dressed up and ready to go to her first day of kindergarten with her backpack, lunch bag and pink/purple accessory.

Going into her classroom

Two days before school started, she was at the neighbors house playing and came home crying. She continued to complain that her arm hurt, so I took her to urgent care only to find out that she had fractured right above her elbow.
It has made for an interesting start to school. She is having to learn to write with her left hand and also try writing with her right with the cast. She seems to be doing really well with it for the most part.
We all look forward for her to get it off, since she can't run, ride her bike,go to the park, go out for recess, no gym class, basically anything that could cause her to fall.
Me being vain, looks forward for the day she can wear the cute clothes we bought for her, that are waiting since she can only wear short sleeve shirts right now. Thank heavens we have been blessed with nice weather still.

Spending Time with G-ma Nebeker

On the way home from Canada, G-ma Nebeker, Pey and I stopped and spent the night with G-ma's sister Geraldine and her husband Wendell. They live on a farm just outside of Pasco, and had three week old kittens.
Pey was in love and if she could have, would have brought them home with us. She was so excited to hold them and be able to feed the mommy cat.

We took G-ma Nebeker to the Bonneville fish hatchery. It was fun to see the huge sturgeon and feed the ducks.

We love G-ma Nebeker and were glad that we had a few days to spend with her.

A Saturday with the
Watson Clan

Everyone except Scott who had to stay home and work.
G-pa and G-ma Watson with the grandkids
G-ma Nebeker with me, Rob, Jill and Kids
Wiley and Peyton giving a bird a 5 year old funeral
G-ma Watson and Pey
G-pa Watson's New Toy "Argo"
Grandkids waiting for a ride on the Argo
Rob, Jill, Me and Parker
Teagan, Parker and Peyton ready to go